Stories of Empowerment: 10 Year of the Juniors

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Bavarian Junior Ballet Munich in 2020, we invited talented young videographers from Rue Nouvelle & Studio CNP to travel across Europe and create portraits of some of our former ensemble members. However, Covid-19’s restrictions meant the team were no longer able to travel and were forced to rethink the idea. What emerged was a concept where each of the dancers filmed themselves. A detailed plan was created and the team sent out two video kits containing the equipment along with instructions on how to use it. These kits travelled from one city to another and each of the scenes were filmed within a period of one month. Connecting the dancers’ unique personalities across different locations and scenarios, they filmed themselves responding to a series of questions through improvised movement creating an installation-like film that expresses the role that dance plays in their lives today.