Seeing the world through the lens of our dancers

What would it look like to experience the junior company from the perspective of our dancers directly? This is a question that prompted us to engage dancer Ayesha Lucido to leverage her experience from inside the company directly.

Ayesha’s interest in photography has seen her develop her photographic skills as a hobby and we seek to further her talent by providing her with this new opportunity. In this photo essay, Ayesha takes us on a journey through the touring performances earlier this season in Höxter and Schaffhausen as well as the backstage at the ensemble’s performances of «Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland» and «Cinderella» with the Bayerisches Staatsballett.

While as performing artists we are responsible for creating the illusions of performing different productions onstage, as you will see in Ayesha’s essay, the human element is ever-present – and not without a little fun in there too!

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