Creating a home away from home…

For many of the residents in our boarding house, the possibility of travelling home to be with loved ones over the festive season is not an option. If the Christmas period is not filled with rehearsals and performances, often the flights are too expensive to fit into a student’s modest budget. Creating a home away from home is quite literally the best option they have.

Head of Boarding Ida Keller and Pastoral Care Manager Viola Kleinfelder each year take it into their stride to decorate the boarding house with love and warmth so that while students and junior company members might not be with their families, they feel a part of the Heinz-Bosl-family together.

With a program of Christmas tree decorating, baking Christmas cookies and a stocking full of gifts for the dancers, the feeling of community at the boarding house is of equal importance to the work undertaken in the studio. Traditions are there to be cherished and it is our duty here at the Foundation to ensure that the love and warmth many are accustomed to finding within their families might be substituted to the best of our abilities.

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