Dancing for Peace

The Heinz Bosl Prize was awarded on 3rd December 2023, honouring promising young talent. With this prize, the Foundation commemorates its namesake: Heinz Bosl was an extraordinarily talented artist - both popular and appreciated he died at the age of 28. Considered as one of the most prominent German dancers whose international career was abruptly ended by his early death, the prize was originally offered exclusively to promote young German male dancers. The Foundation has now expanded the prize's guidelines to include support for international dancers.

The Heinz Bosl Prize was founded by Konstanze Vernon and Fred Hoffmann and has been awarded several times already. With this year’s prize, the jury decided to send a sign of peace in times of conflict and have decided to sponsor two promising young Ukrainian talents who have had to leave their homeland due to war and violence. The two 19-year-old students will each receive prize money of €2,500. Varvara Lobanova has been studying at the Academia Teatro alla Scala since September 2022 and Serhii Zharikov has been studying at the John Cranko School in Stuttgart since spring 2022.

On the one hand, the prize supports two young up and coming talents – in the spirit of Heinz Bosl – and at the same time it makes a special contribution to the cultural promotion of ballet. It is intended to remind us all in these conflict-ridden times that the language of dance is also a language of peace. The jury intends the two young prize winners dance a message of peace into the hearts of their audience and that hopefully one day this will be possible in their homeland again.